Emajinarium the show

The show


Emajinarium the show dancer with a white costume and a headpiece

The EMAJINARIUM show combines theater, dance and performance art.

200 talented persons are gathering artistic creativity  to offer you a magnificent journey in imaginary universes. In a surge of sharing and solidarity, 200 art lovers will bring you into wonder. 200 volunteer artists, passionated by creation, offer their time and combine their talent to create a magnificent living show. « THE EMAJINARIUM  – Journey to the dreams land » in a famous theater in Paris, in Japan and in Africa. The Fraise au Loup workshop designs the 80 costumes of our most beautiful and biggest artistic project so far. Actors, dancers, high-level athletes, circus artists, illustrators, make-up artists, hairstylists, music composers, props men and women, set designers… All of them combine their talent for this magnificent show which will wake up the child within you.

We want to bring together, in a single and unique project,
professionals and amateur artists with different skills,
experiences, backgrounds and origins.


The show does not include a choreographer, which was our choice because our philosophy is to create in community and share our ideas. Each member of the EMAJINARIUM is a source of proposals and builds several scenes.

We wish the show to be in our image; that it reflects what is the deepest of our souls. And the result is here: powerful energy coming from the whole group. This energy moves us, shines and irradiates us all.

Apart from being an artistic project, the EMAJINARIUM is a fantastic human adventure, which surpasses borders

Emajinarium a collective approach
Theatre de la Madeleine Paris THÉÂTRE à l'italienne


The EMAJINARIUM show tells the story of Charly, of her quest to the dreamland and the surprising and wonderful imaginary friends she meets. On March 19 and October 15, 2018, after two years of artistic creation and rehearsals, the Free Spirit collective performed its costumed and dancing show : The EMAJINARIUM – Journey to the Dreamland.

This performance took place at the Madeleine Theater in Paris and welcomed 1200 people.

We plan to make a Tour in Japan and in Africa in 2020 and then, we ll make a new show based on a new story in the famous Palais des Congrès at Paris.


The story is about a little girl whose name is Charly who lives in a lovely suburban area nowadays. A quiet little girl, living with her grandparents since her younger age as Charly never knew her parents.

She is curious, daring, sometimes reckless, very courageous and who has a real passion for stars. Most of the time, in the middle of the night, she happens to go out by her bedroom window and et to climb on the biggest branches of the hundred-year old tree in the garden. She enjoys the tranquility of the night, likes observing the sky and imagine herself elsewhere…

Charly is young and like all the other young persons of her age, she has an imaginary… friend, a friend with whom she can speak, play and to whom she can confide. He is a real life companion, staying at her side since always…

However, the adults could not hear nor see imaginary friends of all the children around the world. They watched their offsprings play, talk, quarrel with creatures that they thought were coming from straight from their imagination. Those imaginary friends were very real, though. They were creatures whose aim was to accompany them, watch them, all along their childhood and since the babies were born… Over the years, growing up, the children forgot the existence of their loyal friend who faded away little by little…

These creatures, of all shapes, were living in the Dreamland. Their presence in the real world was only occasional. They would come furtively by the children’ side to check up on them.Those creatures were in sometimes goofy, sometimes unlikely shapes. Sometimes, they looked like real big-hearted teddy bears.


Indeed, there are 2 worlds The real world and the Dreamland….

The Dreamland is a fantastic and wonderful world. Populated with billion of creatures, million of different tribes… When we sleep, our mind makes quick transitions to the Dreamland…Stealthily…. The creatures of this universe, contrary to our world, talk one unique language. Most of the time, there is a lot of harmony and peace despite the hostile character of some tribes… Among those proven vicious groups, there is a dark queen with a true wickedness.

one day… As she was still full of hatred towards human beings, she decided to capture all the imaginary friends with her horde and to lock them in huge dungeons located in her kingdom. One by one, the imaginary friends disappeared. The children were sad. Their loyal friends stopped visiting them. A part of the Dreamland population was disappearing. And that is how our hero started his quest…



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